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Greenstell Picnic Basket Set for 2.

Enjoy a Luxurious Picnic with Greenstell Wicker Picnic Basket Sets for 2 Persons!

- Removable strap allows for easy carrying and transportation.
- Includes wine bag, tableware, and other picnic essentials for a complete set.

This Greenstell Wicker Picnic Basket Sets for 2 Persons is the perfect way to enjoy a picnic with your loved one. It comes with a high sealing insulation layer, waterproof picnic mat, removable strap, and a wine bag. The basket also includes all the necessary tableware, making it perfect for family, party, outdoor, and camping use. The basket is made of high-quality wicker material and is designed to be durable and lightweight. The straps make it easy to carry and the waterproof picnic mat ensures you stay dry and comfortable. The insulation layer also helps keep your food and drinks at the right temperature. With this basket, you can enjoy a romantic picnic with your loved one without worrying about the elements.